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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Visiting pagodas and temples in new year

Visiting pagodas and temples in new year
Tet holiday is the best time for Vietnamese people to spend their time on spiritual life and show respects to their religious institutions. Visiting pagodas and temples in the first days in new year has been a long-lasted tradition. In vietnamese, this action is described as “Le Chua”, the meaning of “Le” is not only visiting but also showing their repsect to Gods or Buddist in temples or pagoda. No matter how busy Vietnamese are during Tet holidays, they always visit there with their family to pray for the best wishes like healthiness, happiness and wealthiness.
One interesting activity Vietnamese often do while visiting pagodas and temples is fortune-telling - lots drawing - Vietnamese call that “Xin xam”. Those lots have short paragraph to forecast about one’s fortune in New Year. Most of them always enjoy this activity. If the forecast is good, they will feel happy and powerfull. If not, they will be careful on every act.
Anyway, this is a spiritually activity and most Vietnamese loves this. This activity not only happens on the first days but also last until the end day of the first month.
If you visit Vietname on these days, you will see the atmosphere Tet in pagodas or temples.

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