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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

AAEE Cultural Exchange Program in Kathmandu

Report of AAEE Cultural Exchange Program in Kathmandu <March 10th>

   This day was the day of cultural exchange program in Kathmandu.
FIWC and AAEE Cultural Exchange Program organized by Hungry Helper was the main event of the day. Hungry Helper is basically a student group of university students of K and K College (one of the colleges in Kathmandu) who study social work. The program was conducted in Rupak School in Kupandol, Lalitpur.

   The program was supposed to begin at 11:15 am in the morning but due to the technical default program took the slow start at 12 noon. The program formally started when national anthem of both Japan and Nepal was sung by the Japanese participants, Hungry Helper members, and school members. In the program Nepalese students danced and sang Nepali songs, whereas Japanese participants also danced and sang Japanese songs. There was also one Japanese dance which was performed by the Nepalese students. The program also included the speech of AAEE’s president, leader of FIWC, Hungry Helper’s advisor and School Principal. Towards the end of informal singing and dancing program all the participants were provided with the certificate of appreciation. Then at the end of the program, all the participants of the program gathered on the stage and enjoyed together. With this the program in Kathmandu was over. 

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