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Monday, March 16, 2015

AAEE member introduction (Pushpa Gurung, Nepal)

<AAEE member introduction>
Pushpa Gurung (Nepal)
Hello everyone.
My name is Pushpa Gurung. And I'm an undergraduate student from Nepal. I would like to share about how I got to be the member of AAEE. Three years ago, I was teaching science in a British School named Shamrock School Nepal in Pokhara. Then the students of Japan who were the members of AAEE happened to visit our school. They did so many kinds of activities there which were mainly focused on exchanging educational views of youths in different countries, their cultures and also how they can help uneducated societies to get educated. So, I was very impressed with their activities and aims. Then I decided to join and help them out. I got the opportunity to meet the President of AAEE: Mr. Akinori Seki. We discussed about so many things. Then I got the chance to become a member of AAEE. And now I'm so happy to work with them. I would like to deliver my special gratitude to Akinori San and to all the members of AAEE. Yesterday a group of Japanese and German students who has just finished the exchange project in a remote village visited us in Pokhara and we really had a fun time (The photos was taken a week and 3 years ago. I'm in the middle, next to Mr.Seki) Thank you very much.

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