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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Reflection on VJYE (Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange) 2016 (10) Mỹ Huyền "My dear friends in Japan"

My dear friends in Japan.

How time flies!!! It is just only a month that we were together but nothing can be out of my mind. Right from the first day we met, I was impressed because I had heard that Japanese people are quite hard to get closer but you were not. You were very enthusiastic that made us, Vietnamese friends, so happy. It was like the motivation for us to want to show you interest things in Saigon immediately. We had some drinks then took part in the City Tour. It was the longest that I have taken but I did not feel tired. We just wanted to show you guys all the famous landmarks in Ho Chi Minh City and told you more stories about our city, our country. Sometimes, we could not understand each other but we tried to make it easier to understand by body languages, by writing, by paiting,… That was very funny, we laughed a lot. We were like brothers and sisters who had not met for a long time. Too many things to share, too many stories to tell, too much feelings in that moment.

The culture day is the day I miss the most. We had plenty of opportunities to learn, to share to each other from Japan and Vietnam. Your Japanese performances were so awesome. We could understand you guys had prepared very hard. We hope that our performances can help you learn more about Vietnamese culture, people and ceremonies. And of course there were some mistakes in the performances but it did not matter. The important thing is what we have got after that.  Looking back all the photos that we took, it’s like the yesterday. All the feelings always stay in our hearts.

I just join in several activities of VJYE2016 because I did not have much time. I was quite sad but I believed that you had the greatest time in Vietnam. My friends, you came back to Japan, some continued the study, some moved to other places to make your dreams come true. I give you guys all the best wishes. Don’t forget us and keep in touch. I hope that when we meet up again, we will have more unforgettable memories together. You are always welcome in Vietnam, my friends. 

I am very grateful to Mr. Seki and Tokyo Keizai University in Japan, Ms. Thuc and Hoa Sen University in Vietnam for giving us opportunities to connect Vietnamese and Japanese friends together and to learn from each other, to improve ourselves to be better, more mature. We wish that the AAEE organization is always growing sustainably and developing broadly not only in Asia but also all over the world. And VJYE is going to be the annual program between 2 schools, between 2 countries.

Me – us - once be friends, forever be friends. I wish you have successes in study, future career and in your life. Of course, taking care yourselves guys.
Miss you so much, remember to keep in touch. 

My Huyen.
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