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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Reflection on VJYE (Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange) 2016 (8) Huỳnh Nhật Trường

 Through the time, we have learnt many things from our friendships, our life also from our experiences. In the casual life, every day is a happy day. We could learn from the university the knowledges, learn something from lectures and friends also we learn a lot in our life. In this September, it has been nice for ourselves to join and become an organizer, a host also a friend of Japanese students from Tokyo Keizai University in Vietnam – Japan Youth Exchange 2016. During this time, I studied not only the way to organize and prepare an education event but also about Japanese cultures through some cultural activities. Vietnam – Japan Youth Exchange 2016 gave me more than I can say. 
 First of all, I learnt about how to communicate with the Japanese and their cultures. In Vietnam, we learnt a lot from Hoa Sen University about cross-communication with many cultures in the world. VJYE has just gave me a chance to practice them. In the very first moment, I’ve felt it hard to become close friend with them because of the culture shock. Thanks to their cooperation, we have been closer and understood each other more. 
 Besides that, VJYE 2016 also gave the big chance for me to become a group leader. I gained more and more experiences for my future career also for myself. I still remember my buddies – Hiroaki Kitano and Yuki Yamada – thanks for letting me know more about Japanese cultures also becoming my close friends. So far so good, I also got for myself new friendships, from Japan also Vietnam. They helped me to have another look about Japanese also had many memorable times together. Through many and many tours, activities also Ta Lai trip, we had a connection together and also gained for ourselves many skills we didn’t practice or learn it before. 
 Everything always has good aspects also bad aspects. During the program time, I knew myself need to be more gentle and patient. My major is Travel Management so I need to be careful and pay more attention for my tourist also for myself. Also I needed to be thoughtful when I built the events. They taught me how to fix that as soon as possible and manage them carefully. Sometimes, it was failed but I tried to fix those problems. Thanks to Ms. Doan Thuc also Mr. Akinori Seki for giving the advices to fix those. The leader role wasn’t easy thing but I was satisfied with this. Maybe I had many mistakes, but they were my challenges which I had to pass. This program was a time for us not only discover the new culture but also experience the new thing like an organizer. 
 Thank to Hoa Sen University, Tokyo Keizai University and Asia Association of Education and Exchange for making the chance for us to do something new. And after the program, I got for myself many new things, new experiences also new friendships. Thanks you so much, my friend. I want to say thank to Mayuka Ananda and Rino Yoshida for cooperating with me. Besides that, I want to say thank to my buddies - Yuki Yamada and Hiroaki Kitano also Hou Yikang, Sho Takeshita, Koushiro Ikeda, Hiroaki Murakami, Yuta Takahashi, Mai Kaneko, Zijie Zeng, Yuto Ishii, Suguru Kidachi for making the good memories together. Thank you so much.

"Best friends are the people in your life that make you laugh louder, smile brighter and live better"

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