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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Reflection on VJYE (Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange) 2016 (2) Huyền Tôn Nữ Như Ý

   Time passes so quickly. It has been a month since you came to Vietnam. When I remembered the moment that you stayed here, I had many emotions with excitement but scare.
   Now, I have also such a mixed mood. Although the program has ended, when I wake up in the morning, I hope to go to school early to welcome you here and participate in many social activities with you again. I used to be so scared that I couldn’t adapt your new culture quickly and became your good friends. Until now, I have never forgotten that moment.
   I am not a member in VJYE program for the first days.  After you had visited my family and we together made the salad, cooked curry and beef noodle, I became a member of this program thanks to Ms. Thuc’s introduction. I was really happy that you praised my mother for cooking well. I was moved and delighted when you thanked my mom and told me if you came back to Vietnam, you would visit my family and enjoyed my mother’s delicious dishes once again.
   It has been a week since we participated in VJYE. It is not the long period of time but I consider the program as my second family - the family consists of nearly twenty Japanese and Vietnamese students. In only a week, you helped me more mature, more confident and stronger.
At first, I had many things to worry such as I didn’t know what to say with you as well as I could understand what you said to me. However, when I met you for the first time, I was really surprised to see the friendly and warm atmosphere from you - friends from Tokyo Keizai University. My anxiety was no longer. My friends and I learned many things about Japanese culture through your introduction. Now, we can speak a little Japanese and understand much about your culture.
   Since I participated in program, I have been more confident and active. I was no longer shy. I learned many useful things such as how to arrange my sandals and other good habits.
I will never forget experiences that I had with you. For me, VJYE2016 brought me a wonderful trip. I did many useful things for my society that I never thought about it before. I feel very happy to know you who help me learn many things. In spite of having many difficulties in languages and culture, we can understand each other and maintain a good friendship. This trip is so meaningful to me. I hope we will have many useful trips like that in the future. Thank to Hoa Sen University, Tokyo Keizai University and Asia Association of Education and Exchange for making the chance for us to do something new.
   Once again, I would like thank you so much, especially Mr. Seki and Ms. Thuc for all things that you did with me and my friends. I couldn’t find any words to express my gratitude to you.

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