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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Reflection on VJYE (Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange) 2016 (9) Cao Trần Trúc Quỳnh

     I have a chance to meet interesting and talented people, I am motivated by them. At first, we were a little bit shy and stepped back from the conversations, from sharing. Through diverse activities such as the City Tour, the Vietnam Cooking class, Sport day, Hutech field trip… we got to know each other, overcame our shyness and we stared the conversation, shared the feeling, what happens in the day… like we are friends, not like a stranger anymore. Each Japanese will be the buddy of each Vietnamese but it does not mean the border. We can talk and be friend with everyone in the program. I can see what they think, how they act in some certain situations and in one way or another learn from them.
     I remember the first day I met them on a coffee shop, everyone introduced about ourselves and we went around SaiGon, visited famous places. In spite of the heat and long walk, we still enjoyed the view, the traditional food and the history of Vietnam. In the cooking class, we learned and made the Vietnam spring roll. The easy way to connect people is through food. I like the Culture day, I have seen many spectacular performances from both Vietnam and Japan. The way they introduced Japan culture was very creative, funny and the performance really catch everyone’s attention. Moreover, we tough them to how to say some sentences in Vietnam and in return we learned some in Japanese. If somebody say the whole sentence in the right way, they have a big triumph. And in the last day at the airport, the tear when we say good bye say it all about the project.
    And to the Hoa Sen team, you guys are the funniest, coolest, the most "talkative" (in positive way) team ever and I am proud to be part of this team.
For me, one of the importance purposes of an exchange program is to learn, understand and respect the differences of a new culture. I want to say thanks to Hoa Sen University, Tokyo Keizai University also AAEE for bringing us together. Thanks Ms. Thuc and Mr. Seki for creating the greatest time for us. Thank you so much.
    The unforgettable memories are taken by my heart, good friendships are built and the lessons are learned. In the end, when I remember it all, it is definitely a treasured memory that will last till the end of my life.

Don't cry because it's over
Smile because it happened.
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