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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Reflection on VJYE (Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange) 2016 (4) Đinh Bảo Ngọc

   This was the first time I participate in school’s program, so I was so nervous, but the time I and my friends prepared for VJYE2016 that was great time. I learned more the way to organize the program. Joining VJYE2016, I could get more experiences, it would be a chance to my career in the future. The first day, when our group met Japanese friends, I was so worried because I did not know how to open conversation with them, I scared my English skill that was not good and they could not understand.      However when I met them, my feeling was changed, I felt more confident but I didn’t know why. I just thought, I was the owner, I need to help them. Besides that, Hiroaki Kitano was so enthusiastic to ask me about Vietnamese life, so he helped me easy to talk with him. Although at first, I could hear clearly what he was talking about, but after I tried to hear and he tried to explain more, we could have a good conversation. We talk about the Vietnam food and I was so excited when he told he was so love Vietnamese food. He also wanted to learn Vietnamese, so I was interested to teach him. With me, this first meeting was good. After meeting, we had a city tour, in this tour I would go with one Japanese friend, I was a little bit nervous because this was the first time I took a tour. However I tried to share with my buddy about the daily life in Ho Chi Minh City and everything was better I thought. In the afternoon, we had a welcome lunch together, I was so comfortable to introduce traditional food for them, and taught them how to eat. After the first day, I felt more confident and was expectant the next days. During program, I studied more about Japanese cultures, improve my English skill. 
   Thank for Hoa Sen University, Tokyo Keizai University and AAEE give me the chance to join and get more experience than study at university. We was from strangers to become close friend, we overcome language barriers, culture shock and make more memorable time together.  I am not only make friend with Japanese friends, but also make new friend with Vietnams friends who from other majors. We were the same family, we ate together, worked together. The time when Japanese friend went back to their country, I cried, I didn’t know why because in my mind, I always thought they like my clients, so it is so normally to drop – off clients. 
   However when I said good bye, I could keep calm. I hope they did not leave and I did not know when they became my friends, not clients anymore. Finally, I want to say thank with my buddy, he was the one who help me improve my English and shared more information about Japan’s culture to me. I could forget one time when I told him the next day I must take final exam, but after our tour I thought he would go back to hotel but he returned and he wish me to do the best for the exam, I felt so surprise and thank him too much. I was so happy when he was my buddy and make friend with Japanese friends.

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