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Friday, November 18, 2016

Reflection on VJYE (Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange) 2016 (6) Trần Thị Kim Trinh (Mymy)

This is the first time I participated in the program, it’s from AAEE and Hoasen University organized. Especially, organizer is Mrs. Doan Thuc and Prof. Seki. At first I didn't know this program, then one of the members invited me to take part in this. Before it started, I thought the program was so bored because it just an activity about exchange between Vietnamese students and Japanese students. But it happened not as in my imagination, it was better than I thought. In the City Tour Day, also the first day we met each other so I was very nervous but I didn't mind that thing, I tried to calm down and got into conversation with everybody. Everyone introduced about him/herself and got acquainted with our buddy. I was so shy, therefore I didn't know how to talk with my buddy, and I hoped he could understand me.
After that we had a Culture Day, toward Vietnamese students we were proud of our items. When we enjoyed the shows of Japanese students. It was interesting and we loved it so much. We prepared thought you would wondering, Further those things made us happy. In sport Activity Day, when everybody enjoyed the games, it made everyone feel comfortable and funny though, both of us were very tired, I knew Japanese students felt joyful and open their mind. In the afternoon, we had a class each other to talk about environment, when the class started just had little Vietnamese students. We didn't know Mrs. Doan Thuc must stand the pressure, we felt guilty to mix the mistake and didn't make less things.
The best day felt wonderful and marvelous is the day when went to Hutech University. I was a shy girl and very few words but when joined in games between Tokyo Keizai University, Hoasen University and some students in Hutech University I felt to need open my heart and I could learn a lot of things. It made me grow up and more convenient than I had ever enjoyed that. I felt I was very talkative with friends. That all memories I wanted you and me to keep in mind. Thanks for Hoasen University to make us have a relationship closer. Thanks for AAEE and Tokyo Keizai to give me a lot of best friend and taught me somethings about Japanese Cultural, language food or the others. I love it very much thus I hoped to see Japanese friends again and I never forgot you.

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