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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Reflection on VJYE (Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange) 2016 (7) Nguyễn Thị Kim Gấm

   Hi guys! It was nice meeting you!   
   It was my honor to go in for VJYE (Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange) program. Already a month since I met you when you have arrived in Viet Nam. Time so fast! Every time I look at our photos, I miss all guys so much. When I joined this program,  I have learned many interesting things about Japan culture and spent many happy time with you guys. To be honest, in the beginning I am too shy and afraid to talk to others using English. I cannot felt confident when I communicating with others. I was worried that I could not complete the work and do not make you feel comfortable in there.  
   Time goes by pass the two weeks makes me more open and very happy to stay with these guys. Because all guys are so kind, so friendly and open with me. When I see you smile, I also feel very happy. Though sometimes we can't 100% express our mind but we use eyes to interchange and use heart to communicate with each other. I really miss the time when we learned about tourism in the classroom, made the Vietnamese cuisine hand have experienced many trips together. I remember when you taught me to speak Japanese. I also taught you a little bit of Vietnamese and you said to me that “Em oi em dep qua!”
    I remember when we ate meals together every day and you love Vietnamese traditional foods especially Pho, pancake, Raw shrimp and vegetables,... In Ta Lai long house, we did a good teamwork to set rubbish box in the local village and made bamboo boat in the lake, we were dancing together, drinking wine and playing games. We have encountered many difficulties but we have been together solved in the best way. We have shared many stories and understand each other more. Especially some of you are so funny. I was laugh a lot. It is a precious memory for me and I think that you too.
   Finally, I want to thank Hoa Sen University has make a conditions for me to join this program and thank  Asia Association of Education and Exchange (AAEE)  for bringing us the best moment in 2016. I also want to say thank you all guys in VJYE. Your guys make me stronger, more open and more confident, I will keep going and welcome you to Viet Nam once in anytime. I wish I could see all guys again. Keep in touch and talk anything to me if you need, my friends.

Once again, thank you for all!

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