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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mero Sathi Project 2016 in Nepal Daily Report 9th day (21th Feb)

Mero Sathi Project 2016 in Nepal
Daily Report 9th day (21th Feb)
<Sports Festival>

AAEE, Asia Association of Education & Exchange(一般社団法人アジア教育交流研究機構)さんの写真 Participate in life, instead of just watching pass you by Mero Sathi project had organized Sports festival was held today at shamrock school. School students as well as all project members participated at that festival. This event wasn’t a competition for the members of AAEE but it was competition for the school students. What I have learnt from this event is we shouldn’t be shy in participating. Winning is not the importance, performing is the must. We could see the enthusiasm in the students to participate in such activities. Four types of games were played. One game of the rope was new for them. It wasn’t easy but all student members gave their 200 percent on their performance. And after that we had football competition. Each and every member participated in the game. It was an awesome experience. Each team was divided into seven members. 14 people running after a single ball is very interesting. After a competition there will obviously be a winner and a loser. But what I feel is winning is just not everything. To participate and perform in front of mass of people is courageous thing. Relay was the other sports activity. Similarly the other aAAEE, Asia Association of Education & Exchange(一般社団法人アジア教育交流研究機構)さんの写真ctivity was two persons in each group, rope which was tied in eachother’s one leg and we had to run. It was difficult to run but it was so much fun. Organizing sports activities is good thing. They will get a chance to know new things apart from their courses. It refreshes them. I completely agree that only theoretical things doesn’t helps them, practical is necessary too.
AAEE, Asia Association of Education & Exchange(一般社団法人アジア教育交流研究機構)さんの写真What have I learnt is Participation is more important than just winning. If you will keep on participating in different events then surely one day you will get the result of your hard work. It is not necessary that every time the winner alone gets appreciation and fame for his work. It does not matter that you win or lose, all that matters is the courage to participate. It is very essential to fight in life rather than just conquering it. You should be ready to face all kinds of challenges and hurdles which come in your way.
(By Grishma Bhattarai)
Beautiful meet in Pokhara
We had a wonderful day with students of school in Pokhara.
With the students, we did four kinds sports games (rope-jumping, three legged race, football, sprint relay). The students were healthy. We enjoyed very much. Even some students taught us some games they often do during a short time, and we became very close. That made remind my childhood time.
After the sports game, we Japanese members met a Japanese woman who is the member of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. She told us about her experiences in Nepal. We get some useful information from her.
Then, we had four hours for going shops and watching the view of Pokhara. WeAAEE, Asia Association of Education & Exchange(一般社団法人アジア教育交流研究機構)さんの写真 looked so

many kinds of Nepalese characteristics. We had a great and unforgettable day.
(By Kuanyan Ryu)

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