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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mero Sathi Project 2016 in Nepal Daily Report 3rd day (15th Feb) "This is our cultural experience."

Mero Sathi Project 2016 in Nepal
Daily Report 3rd day (15th Feb)
This is our cultural experience
Today, Mero Sathi members visited the cultural heritage site, Bauddhanath called as "monkey temple" which is the central place for Tibetan Buddhism. What is the most interesting thing in this site is that there is the idea of mixture of religions : mixture of Buddhism and Hindu.
AAEE, Asia Association of Education & Exchange(一般社団法人アジア教育交流研究機構)さんの写真
 In fact, in Japan, there is also the same idea of fusion of two religions. In Japan, there are some Buddhist temples which have some aspects of Shinto(Japanese traditional worship for nature and ancestors. From this perspective, we can see a kind of common points of Japan and Nepal, however, in the meantime, we should learn more about the background and history of fusion of religion. After visiting monkey temple, Mero Sathi members visited Nuwakot village. Villager life is quite different from us, especially from Japanese life. It is great experience for both Japanese and Nepali members to experience such a villager life.
(By Hiroki Oda)

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