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Monday, March 7, 2016

Mero Sathi Project 2016 in Nepal Daily Report 8th day (20th Feb) "Visiting Gurung families"

Mero Sathi Project 2016 in Nepal
Daily Report 8th day (20th Feb)
AAEE, Asia Association of Education & Exchange(一般社団法人アジア教育交流研究機構)さんの写真
20th Feb
What we have learned through the interviews to villagers ...
Today was the day when we left Sikles. Before leaving, we visited some homes in the village. Each group went to different homes. Throughout the interviews, the Nepalese members kindly translated villagers’ voices into English for the Japanese members.
The contents of the interviews diverged into many branches. They were about their family, about Gurung culture, about their occupation, activities of NGO in Sikles, and etc., etc. Also, after the interviews, all the groups shared what they had learned through the activities with other groups. Thanks to the activity, we could understand the lifestyle and customs of the people there. This activity was so useful for us.
After that, we moved to Pokhra, one of the largest citifies in Nepal. And there, some members walked around lakeside together before dinner.
Pokhara is such a beautiful city and there were a lot of tourists there. The view in Pokhra was really nice.
By Sayaka Nagahuchi

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