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Friday, March 4, 2016

Mero Sathi Project 2016 in Nepal Daily Report 5th day (17th Feb)

Mero Sathi Project 2016 in Nepal
Daily Report 5th day (17th Feb)
<Bye-bye Nuwakot>
AAEE, Asia Association of Education & Exchange(一般社団法人アジア教育交流研究機構)さんの写真

In the morning, we cooked Japanese foods, Yaki-onigiri and Gyoza, and sang both Japanese and Nepalese songs to show appreciation to local people in Nuwakot. We then moved to Phokara, had a leisure time, had a dinner, and went to bed....
Actually I had lived in Nuwakot for the last couples of months to take care of our goat shelter project, I think I gained a lot of valuable experiences and knowledge while I stayed there alone, but due to language barrier it was quite difficult for me to communicate with most of the villagers. After the Japanese and Nepalese members arrived, I had got lots of chances to make myself clear about what I’d done in Nuwakot.
I used to be not good at sharing my experiences with others. However, on the bus to Pokhara, for example, I had conversations with other project members, gained new perspectives and ideas from them, and found the meaning of my activity in the village. I also made sure of what I need to do for the village next and how I should confront the situation there.
By Naoki Morioka

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