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Monday, March 7, 2016

Mero Sathi Project 2016 in Nepal Daily Report 7th day (19th Feb) "AAEE and Owl Festival" (2)

By Yuha Yoshikawa
AAEE and Owl Festival

The day started with a short hiking program. At the top, the Mountain ranges were seen more clearly and magnificent. This hike was able to get us acquired by the natural beauty that Nepal holds. The hike was tiring but the breath- taking view of the Mountain ranges surely fascinated the members and was worth hiking more than an hour.
AAEE, Asia Association of Education & Exchange(一般社団法人アジア教育交流研究機構)さんの写真AAEE, Asia Association of Education & Exchange(一般社団法人アジア教育交流研究機構)さんの写真It was a big day for the members, after all, all the cultural activities that the student members practiced was to be shown to the community personals, adding more pressure it was also the opening day of OWL FESTIVAL, which awaited our cultural Dance which was performed on that festival where there were more than 500 local people, news Media, reporters and chief Guest.
Through this festival, message like conservation, protection and promotion of owl was spread in and across the globe at the grass root level. Many people who were there at the festival got the message about owl conservation directly whereas the message reached over more people through different media. Conservation awareness on owls is low in our country so by celebrating such festivals awareness can be implemented among the group of people.
Owl festival is celebrated only in 3 countries i.e.US, Nepal and Italy. In Nepal, it was celebrated for the 5th time and in Sikles it was the first time. Mero Sathi Project Student Members performed and that dance performance was the center of attraction of that day. Students shared their culture through their dance and they could learn about the culture of Gurung community in various ways for example, the dress that they wore, the cultural dance that they performed and the sports that they played were a few things which almost all the members experienced first time.
Its due to the Mero Sathi Project and the hard work, precision of the coordinators who managed all the project, we, members got a chance to know about the games like Ghurghumai, Thelo, “Jhijhile Khel” which were at the point of extinction. From this festival people can learn about role and importance of owl in biodiversity and why it is human responsibility to conserve owl. To maintain balance ecosystem it’s necessary to save the species of owl. The student members were more than happy to be a part of this program.
The overall day was fun and a very good way of acquiring knowledge and our student members thoroughly enjoyed

their very first experience of Owl festival.
By Srijana Poudel

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