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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mero Sathi Project 2016 in Nepal Daily Report 2st day (14 th Feb) "What I felt through cultural differences."

Mero Sathi Project 2016 in Nepal
Daily Report 2st day (14 th Feb)
What I felt through cultural differences
Today we visited the organization called C-wish which is working for the children and women in social service and human rights. They talked about what they are doing for ensuring the rights of the children and women. I've had been interested in 'Child labor' problem since I have watched the children who were forced to work in Cambodia. So I was so curious to know about their activities.
First of all I thought this problem has been managed to solve for a long time, but it will never end. That's because there are always people who think radical and conservative one wants to protect the weakest rights but others don't want to change it. I think the quickest approach is to change our own mind to take these topics more serious.
After having lunch, we visited an orphanage to interact with the children. First I thought they are feeling sad to be an orphan but their face was full of smiles. First they were being a little bit shy but it didn't take so long until we got along with them. We played jump roping, sing and dance on the music with them. Nepalese members also performed the traditional Nepalese music and the kids were dancing very well without feeling shameful. They really love dancing and singing. I felt and became to love the Nepalese culture. In Japan, many of them feel so shame for being in front of the publics and doing something. Especially singing and dancing are the most things they don't want to do in the public. But Nepal was different. They feel the music and dance on it because they love it. It was their own cultural styles and I clearly feel it from my heart.
I have been in Nepal only 2days, but I already feel the kindness of Nepalese and experienced some traditional cultures. I've been spending a valuable time and so looking forward to make this tour a more wonderful thing!
(By Rino Yoshida)
Visiting CWISH and an orphanage
CWISH is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) which protect and promotes the right of children. It was established by the group of women in 1993 AD .Out of 2.26 million population of Nepal, 1.6 million are child workers. The students were unhappy about the condition of child workers.
After the CWISH the students were excited to visit an orphanage. The name of the orphanage is Nawakiran Orphanage located in Lalitpur of Nepal. It was the first time for all the students to visit an orphanage. All the members were happy. Mero Sathi 2016 members gave some food to the kids in orphanage as a souvenir. We had fun time with kids there, dancing and singing.
(By Chimsey Cr Marbal)

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