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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tò he – Vietnamese Traditional Toy


Tò he – Vietnamese Traditional Toy

I would like to introduce you one of Vietnamese children‘s traditional toy Tò he. It’s also one of my favorite toys when I was a child. With simple tools including a tray of glutinous rice powder in various colours, a small comb, sticks, To He artisans can knead many shapes such as animals, flowers or characters in folk stories thanks to their skilled hands and creativity. I really admire To He artisan’s hands. Magic comes from To He artisans‘ hands. You can’t imagine that just from simple tools and just in short time (2- 4 minutes), they can create many complex shape “To He” by their magic hands.

I saw that when I was a child, It was made really quickly. To He products can be kept from 3 days to 1 months depend on artisans’ skills and weather condition. Nowadays, To He ’s still an attractive toy to children. If you visit Viet Nam in the future, let’s watch the way artisans create and enjoy this toy. I am sure that you will be surprised!

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