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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lotus – Vietnam‘s national flower


Lotus – Vietnam‘s national flower

Lotus is very familiar to every Vietnamese people, especially to children in rural areas. Children often take lotus to their home for their parents to cook the meal. Because different part of lotus can be used for different purposes: such as the seeds are used for making lotus tea and medicines (or eating) while the green leaves are used to wrap chicken rice- a very delicious dish. Lotus has also become one of the unforgettable memories of children. And when one day, they grow up, they can’t forget the flower which always appeared in their childhood. Lotus is so beautiful with their flower and their smell.

The meaning of lotus is the most important thing that makes lotus different from other flowers. It symbolizes the beauty, health, honor, knowledge and strong spirit (never give up before any problems). Therefore Lotus has been regarded as Vietnam’s national flower. The symbol of this flower has played an important role in many architecture buildings, art of sculpting and literature during many centuries of Vietnam‘s history. If you visit Vietnam next time, remember to visit and see the lotus and you will definitely be impressed by its beauty.

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