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Friday, December 19, 2014

AAEE Event Information

AAEE Event Information <Nepal>

<AAEE and FIWC Water Tank Project 2015>

Among different purposes of AAEE conducting poverty challenging activities to support for the welfare of society from its own ground is one of the important aims of AAEE. Following to this objective like in the year 2013 AAEE and FIWC is going to conduct water tank project 2015 in Palpa, Nepal. Last year the members supported the village named Mauja in Nepal by establishing water tank for its school nearby.
This year too members will visit Nepal and conduct water tank project 2015 in the village named Maidan in the Palpa district of Nepal. The members will not only be involved economically in the project but will also be doing labour work for the project completion.

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