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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tea Culture – A world of Wonder

Tea Culture – A world of Wonder

Nowadays, the number of 150 tea gardens in Bangladesh produces about 2% of the world’s tea. Because local residents already consume nearly all of the tea they produce so exports of Bangladesh tea are very small and not many people know about Bangladesh tea. They consider producing tea as “to produce tea, not by fighting nature, but by supporting and sustaining it”. The golden tippy leaves delicious spiciness. Meanwhile the super large, jet black twisted leaves an earthy aroma.

In Nepal, there is no specific time, age or weather for tea. The practice of tea drinking here is very popular. If you happen to be a non-drinker, don’t worry because you are still an alternative to tea, which, however, is just another kind of tea.
Tea is a crucial part of Nepali cuisine and culture. It may be served in a silver teapot with fancy brownies and cupcakes. Today it is hard to deny that it is by now a part of all classes and kitchens in Nepal.

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