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Thursday, December 11, 2014



Cancer is basically the abnormal growth of cells in the body. Except for nails and the teeth it is possible for a human being to be affected by cancer in any part of the body. The term cancer is coined the Greek Physician Hippocrates (460-370) BC who is also known as the “Father of Medicine.” Cancer was before called carcino and carcinoma which refer to crabs as the disease also project in finger like pattern. Till today the crab is used as the symbol of the cancer. The oldest description of cancer was discovered in Egypt. And in one of the writing it was stated saying “there is no treatment for the disease.”

From the ancient period, there was always a puzzle over the causes of cancer. Ancient Egyptians have been found blaming the gods for cancer. According to the Hippocrates the cancer was caused due to excess of body bile in various body sites. This theory remained unchallenged for many years for over 1,300 years. Similarly, later lymph theory replaced the theory by hippocrate which suggested that cancer was caused due to another body fluid, lymph. This theory was also changed when it was suggested that cancer was caused by cells but not normal cells but from budding elements. Until 1920s it was believed that trauma was supposed to be the cause of cancer but there was a misbelief which suggested that cancer traveled through an unidentified liquid. However, this thought was also altered when it was proved that cancer was metastasized from the spread of malignant cells and not from liquid of any sort. After many more years passed before tobacco was rediscovered as the most destructive source of chemical carcinogens known to men.

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