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Monday, December 1, 2014

Rural life in Vietnam

Rural life in Vietnam

The life in rural area is really different from the city. It’s more peaceful, cleaner and relaxed. While coming to the rural areas, you will see totally different sights such as: beautiful huge rice fields, buffalos with many interesting sounds, the kites in the sky, children with many traditional games, river etc. Many children ranch the buffalo on the field while studying and doing homework. One interesting thing is that about 80% Vietnamese people live in the rural areas. The life is peaceful but the conditions are tougher. Electricity, water source are not enough in some rural areas.
The farmers have to work hard for longer time and children must work before or after they study at school. At harvest time, they must help at home and not go to school. So government has supported many things to those rural areas in order to improve their life. By giving new technologies, electricity, water, education to them, the life is more beautiful. But anyway, the life in the rural areas is improving day by day. And a rural area is the best choice when you want to relax after stressing days.

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