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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

VJEP(Vietnam-Japan Exchange Project Aug. 2016) THROWBACK (4)-HOMESTAYING

VJEP(Vietnam-Japan Exchange Project Aug. 2016) THROWBACK (4)-HOMESTAYING
“Homestaying was a quite peaceful and interesting experience for me. The people there were very friendly and hospitable. Although we had some problems with the language barrier, we still have fun and meaningful moments that night. We sang songs about our hometowns and shared our life stories.” – One participant shared
We stayed at Thai Phien Flowers Village, one of the biggest flower village in Da Lat, and experienced something we had never did before! The village is not only colorful of flower in the daytime but also sparkling of yellow lights at night, the scene was so breathtaking that we had to take a moment to admire it. This was the first time we had ever been so close to nature like this.
The local people were also very nice to invite us to have dinner and join the campfire with them. The dinner was delicious, that was the first time the Japanese participants experience Vietnamese traditional meals when they sat in a big circle on the mats .The people in Thai Phien also even prepared tents and sleeping bags for us to sleep. No doubt that they had taken very good care of us.
“At night, everyone seemed to be a part of a family. The feeling of this moment would stayed in my heart forever.”
Here is an album that all the participants have joined hands to create. You can have a look at it here:

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