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Sunday, September 4, 2016

NJEP, days full of new experiences in Palpa.

<Days full of new experiences >
Long Journey to Palpa became interesting with beautiful sceneries and never ending conversations. Twinkling lights from the houses at hills in Palpa made it worth it to travel up to there. The beautiful view and the freshness of wind at night made everyone more energetic and lively. Secrets shared and conversations done after that is memories and lesson learnt for life. Other few days at the village is something very special for everyone. That unforgettable interaction with local people, taste of authentic Nepali food, living typical village life, bonding with children there and satisfying star watching at night is something that has affected everyone one way or another. One of the main highlight of the days in Palpa was the Japanese 'koinobori' painting that children did. Every student seemed to be highly interested in the painting while teachers seemed to be proud of the opportunities their students got. Another interesting event that took place was putting 'henna' to Japanese members. It took them close to Nepali culture that is trending these days.
There was a perfect balance of give and take of surprises and experiences between our team and the villagers. Cultural differences among one another were easy to adjust with as the days went by. The Kindness of the villagers and homely environment was that main thing that made everyone happy.

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