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Friday, September 9, 2016

Reflection of NJEP (Nepal-Japan Exchange Project 2016) (7)

Reflection of NJEP (Nepal-Japan Exchange Project 2016) (7)
<Memories of the last day>
Upon coming back to Kathmandu, all of us were a bit sad as we knew our time of togetherness was about to end. For the last day of program, we went to Botanical Garden. Lost between the natural beauty, greenery and peace we were enjoying our dry picnic. We talked about several topics, took lots and lots of selfies. Oh Yes! The surprise Japanese dance that Nepalese participants performed gave a really big smile on the faces of everyone. After spending a beautiful day at Botanical Garden we came back to hotel and got busy for respective shopping.
The last dinner together was filled with joy. That night we weren’t in mood for emotional and sad conversation so we were simply living the moment and laughing till our stomach hurts. By the time we were back to hotel it was already near to 10:00pm but no one was really in mood for sleeping. Till very late we were having conversations and also we were writing messages to each other on the message card.
Nobody was willing to think about the following day where we would return to our regular lives. We were living by the lines “Save best for the last” at that moment.

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