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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Reflection of NJEP 2016 ( Nepal-Japan Exchange Project 2016) (1)

Reflection of NJEP 2016 ( Nepal-Japan Exchange Project 2016) (1)
<First day of Heal>
Definitely excited for the day we all were having lots of fun in ice-breaking sections. With two lies about me and one truth I was also enjoying the guessing game. Big cheerful smile was constant in everyones’ face yet in the heart we all knew we needed to know each other better. Moreover we wanted to know each other better so that these 10 days of journey of togetherness would be a lifetime treasure.
We reached to the hall in Baneshwor at 11a.m. where we would be having our Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) session. I had been hearing about it a lot from different people but actually being a part of it was something I was looking forward to and I was particularly excited about it because I had heard about the way it can heal and let one’s emotion flow through the medium of dance. Anyway with the real quick introduction with our instructor session begun.
Step by step, more after each session like newspaper
segment, balloon segment, ribbon segment things were getting more interesting and fun. We could feel that the music and dance along with the song was making us feel lighter, free and in some way happier. Due to all the group activities together suddenly, we all both Japanese and Nepalese participants became closer to each other.
The activities that we did made all of us feel that to be happy to be free at the moment you don’t need technology, tools rather happiness can come from within. The props we used were something we would play when we were a child like newspapers, balloons, ribbons but playing them again somehow raised the happiness within ourselves. At the end of 2 hours of session we were tired yet with big smile on our faces and feeling close to not just each other but close to oneself more than ever.

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