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Friday, September 9, 2016

DAILY REPORT OF VJYE2016 (Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange) [Day 1]September 4, 2016

DAILY REPORT OF VJYE2016 (Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange)
-VJYE is an annual student exchange program which started in 2013.
[Day 1]September 4, 2016
We started making unforgettable memories. At Trung Nguyen coffee shop, first we introduced ourselves and talked each other for a while. After that, we made our buddies who will be the parter during this program.
The next activity was taking a walk for discovering Ho Chi Minh City. Exploring the history of the city, the ancient Notre Dame Cathedral, the oldest post office, and we visited the war museum. Also, we went to the book street as well and took many pictures together. We had a lots of fun!
Thanks to the friendliness of both Vietnamese and Japanese members we became friends so fast. We talked about our hobbies, life styles, cultures and the countries. We were talkative like friends who haven’t met each other for a long time. The atmosphere was like we are a large family.
At 12p.m, we went to Viet Heritage restaurant – the restaurant of Vietnamese traditional cuisine – to have big lunch. The first surprise for us was the most popular dish in Vietnam, ‘Pho’. It was really delicious. Besides, we also had “banh beo” – steamed rice cakes and “banh xeo” – Vietnamese pancakes – having with salads and fish sauce. We could not forget the taste of chicken with warm rice and those were the dishes you must try in Saigon. Surprise to surprise, the secret birthday cake was for one of the Japanese members was held with many blessing wishes big birthday cake.
Although it was difficult to understand each other sometimes (because of the language) but we overcame it and having fruitful time making last-long memories together. After the trip, we came back to the hotel and prepared for the next day. We are sure that exciting things await us to the new discovery.

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