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Friday, July 22, 2016

Updated information on the AAEE Goat Shelter Project in Nepal.

   I am writing you to update about the AAEE goat shelter project. I am writing this mail with great pleasure and it brings me smile on all of us face that the goat shelter project is continued until now and with much more responsibility. After several unexpected problems, the original owners of the shelter were not able to come and work together for the goat shelter project and this project was almost was in the end. But fortunately a person who literally built the shelter is now taking care of the goats and he is doing very well.
   We kept 14 goats, including mother goat, male goat, and few few months months old goats. Now 3 gave birthe to 3 new goats and the total population of the goat is 17 and the goat shelter owner has kept his 8 goats in the same goat shelter and made  it 25 goats. i had a chance to visit the village recently and had a chance to talk and interact with the owner and he seemed very happy and working very hard to make this project a successful.
   Moreover he has registered this shelter in government office and the government has given facilities regarding the health issues of the goats by providing free veterinary service. In addition he is doing the cattle insurance for all the goats, by which if any goats goats get killed by any disease or natural disaster or any wild animal attack, the insurance will compensate the cost and expenses of that goat.
   He has told me that in this Dashian (Hindu largest festival in Nepal)  7 goats will be sold and surely we can seek few profit, as in this first phase there was lots of expenses and there were small goats bu from 2nd phase they will have a more profit. 
   Please find here with the attached photos and few videos. 

Warm Regrds,
Kshitiz Bhattarai     

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