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Friday, July 1, 2016

The 2nd joint meeting of the NJEP & VJEP

【The 2nd joint meeting of the NJEP & VJEP 】
The Japanese members of the NJEP 2016 (Nepal-Japan Exchange Program) and the VJEP 2016 (Vietnam-Japan Exchange Program) held a 2nd joint meeting last Sunday!
We got lectured by Mr. Kaito Miwa, who is the representative of e-Education. E- education is a NPO organization which was set up by some university students including Mr. Miwa, who are motivated to tackle with educational problems in developing countries.
Mr. Miwa encouraged us with a lot of impressive words.
First, he emphasized that there are a variety of things we can try because we are young and because we are university students. He taught us that trials and errors is a fundamental method of success.
Second, a leader is not always the one who lead followers, but a leader can be the one who support members behind them.
We can't wait to see and experience many things in Nepal and Vietnam which we can't experience in Japan:)!!

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