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Sunday, July 3, 2016

The 4th meeting of the VJEP 2016 (Vietnam-Japan Exchange Program

【The 4th meeting of the VJEP 2016 (Vietnam-Japan Exchange Program】
 The Japanese members of the VJEP held a forth pre-program today. From today’s program, we learned a new way of thinking mainly about how to inherit traditional culture and what the international cooperation is.
First, we discussed the idea about the way of inheriting culture. To preserve them, we have to change them as time goes on. It was a chance to see the way of preserving our culture in a new light.
Second, I’d like to mention how we think about the international cooperation. There were some opinions about that. Main opinion is that the reason why some people want to involve the project like volunteer. We discussed a lot, and we found that people who want to do activities like that are interested in them and also they are really curious about them. Of course, still, there are a lot of problems about the international cooperation. For example, if we send products like pencils, business of stationary shop in that country will be crushed. However, we could reach the goal, which is that we should meet the demands and have the goal realistic.
Finally, we watched a movie about Vietnam War. We talked that if we knew about the war more in detail, we could discuss that movie more deeply. Before we go to Vietnam, We’re going to study about Vietnam more.
We are looking forward to having the next pre-program!

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