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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Report of AAEE students' activities after the strong earthquake in Nepal (1)

On behalf of AAEE Japan Student Group, the students of Akinori Seki Seminar at Tokyo Keizai University, Japan, will report their activities after the big earthquake hit Nepal and surrounding countries on Apr. 25.
[ 1. The day of earthquake]
Nepal was hit by the severe earthquake on April 25th. 
It was quite a shocking news for us, because we had already started preparation tasks for the student interchange program to be held in Nepal in September.
We started to think about “what we can do for Nepal and how to encourage Nepalese people.” After considering for a while, we decided to do a project called “Pray For Nepal.”
Thanks to the support from many countries in Asia, we could send lots of warm photo messages to Nepal. We made a photo clip using all the photo messages in it and posted it on FB page. Amazingly, the photo clip reached more than 1.1 million people!
However, we were not satisfied with this result. We thought we could do more. Finally, we we have decided not only to “Pray”, but we thought it’s time for “Action”.
The reason is that we thought the severe conditions do not often change only by praying.
Everyone can support Nepal in anyway. Let’s raise “Action” for Nepal!!
What ‘’Action” did we take?
Let’s see in our next article! See you soon!


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