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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

No. 3 'Nepal Emergency Relief Event'

On behalf of AAEE Japan Student Group, the students of Akinori Seki Seminar at Tokyo Keizai University, Japan, report their activities after the big earthquakes which hit Nepal and surrounding countries on Apr. 25.
<No. 3 'Nepal Emergency Relief Event'>
On May 5th, the Nepal Emergency Relief Event was held in Ichigaya, Tokyo.
The purposes of this event were: to let Japanese people know more about Nepal, to donate for the people in the damaged areas, and to widen the Mero Sachi Project we had started to support the victims of the earthquakes.
Being organized by Asia Association of Education and Exchange (AAEE) and YouMe Nepal Trust, even the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan and JICA supported the event.
Event contents were as follows:
• Overview of the reality of Nepal through a short videoclip
• Explaining about the influence of the strong earthquakes on education in Nepal
• Panel discussion among Prof. Akinori Seki, the representative of AAEE, Mr. Rai and Mr. Joshi, the joint representative of YouMe Nepal Trust, and Eriko Okawa, ex-JICA volunteer member.
• Report about Nepal’s present condition by four volunteers of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers
• Screening “Mero Sathi” clip produced by the members of Akinori Seki Seminar at Tokyo Keizai University.
• Filming a “Mero Sathi” clip with all the people who participated in the
The event was covered by so many TV news and newspapers in Japan (NHK, Yomiuri, Asahi, Mainichi, Niikan-sports etc).
We just try our best in Japan to support the victims of the earthquakes!

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