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Friday, May 22, 2015

No.2 Praying is not enough! Take Action!

On behalf of AAEE Japan Student Group, the students of Akinori Seki Seminar at Tokyo Keizai University, Japan, report their activities after the big earthquakes which hit Nepal and surrounding countries on Apr. 25.
<No.2 Praying is not enough! Take Action!> Mero Sathi Project
Praying gives us an emotional support at hard times, but we thought it is not enough for what is still happening in Nepal. Then, as a global family, what should we do to draw more attention of world to support our Nepalese friends?
Firstly, we are running a project called “MeroSathi(My Friend) Project”. In this project, we invite everyone to make a short video clips to support our Nepalese friends. The purpose of this video is to support and try to enhance their courage though we are far. Till now we are very happy that many of our friends have made the video clip and support us. It made us really emotional and we keep on sending these video clips to Nepal via Facebook.
We have a message that we want to send to our friends in Nepal. You are not alone. Please do not forget that we (your sathi ) are supporting you from around the world. We all know that probably this is the hardest period for us to cross but hope is always around us and the future is always bright.'
(We are always waiting for your Mero sathi video clips!)

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