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Saturday, January 24, 2015


"HO” (English: Chanty) is a common practice in the southern area of Vietnam, which is a unique genre of musical performance that encapsulates the spirits of southern countryside and daily life of peasants here. A long time ago, when peasants settled down along the bank of Me Kong River, they commenced their new life and worked rather hard on the field to gain the fruitfulness of agricultural products. They were very optimistic and humorous. Thus, to leave the weariness of works behind, they started to sing “ho”. These songs were just like daily conversation but rhythmic and spontaneous. Gradually, this became a traditional value of this land. “Ho” was prevalent almost everywhere. People sang “ho” at work, at home or even on the river when they were rowing the boats. Sometimes, we could catch the sight of a man and a woman singing “ho” in the form of a dialogue to each other to tacitly express their “love”. This is very exquisite and lovely. There is no word that can fully describe the beauty of “ho” so you should come here and enjoy by yourself.

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