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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Water puppetry (Puppets dance on the water)

Water puppetry is a special kind of art on the stage. Water puppetry is full of joys, colors and lighting, charms and surprises. It is the feeling of people who are watched the performance of water puppetry. Nowadays, you can watch it on CD, youtube and so on. But no one of them can’t inspire you as much as a real time performance – when you sit near the water surface. Colorful puppets dance and perform numerous interesting actions with animated music and singing. Especially with the effects of light and sound, all of them combine with each other to give you amazing moments. Even puppets can perform many hard art actions that robots can’t do. One more special thing is that you won’t see any puppeteer, machines or any strings or ropes. You only see the puppet on the water. The content of the show is about the traditional stories of Vietnam or the life in the past of Vietnam. Awesome moments are waiting for you at Vietnam with water puppetry. So, why don’t you visit Vietnam and see it?

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