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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dreams (from AAEE members in Indonesia)

Konnichiwa. Hello my friends. I so happy to be here with you, AAEE fans now. I introduce myself to you. My name is Rizki Hardianti. I’m from Indonesia. U know my country? I hope u know that hehe. I’m new member of AAEE from 2013. I’m so happy when I was accepted as the main member of AAEE, Indonesia. Through AAEE I hope, I will get my future bright and I can make my parents happier. I'm strongly m...otivated to go to Japan because I think many attractive things are waiting for me there. It’s my reason why I have joined AAEE. I would be happy if you could write my second article for this AAEE fan page. It’s article about a dream. Thank you.
A D-r-e-a-m. I believe that, not everyone have a dream maybe they think that dream can’t change their life but I hope they will have it soon after read this article. For people have a dream, they believe dream can change their life to be the best. So it’s important in their life. Although the difference is how hard your work, so dream came true. Don’t afraid for dreaming guys. Just dream as high as possible as long as dream is free and don’t limit your dreaming that you make.
I believe that nothing isn’t impossible in this world during we always try and pray. Remember that! It is proven by several figures who trust about dream such as Oprah Wintrey and Jackie Chan. They teach us, it doesn’t matter form you are and your background. That important strart receive our self and do the best from now and future. As Bill Gates said if you are born poor it’s not your fault but if you died poor it’s your fault. This time for us to change and prepare our self for get dreams.
If you had dream, don’t ever say giving up. If u sometimes fail don’t ever think that you’re not proper to get your dream because failure is obstacle. God will watch how to your sure and serious toward dream. If until day, you haven’t a dream so it’s good timing for thinking your dream. Thinking it, writing on the letter and attaching it so every day when u go to sleep and wake up you can see it and say to world TODAY I WILL DO THE BEST FOR MY LIFE.

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