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Sunday, February 8, 2015


Officially inaugurated in 2013, the Rong Cao (Dragon Bridge) has put Da Nang City on the map not only for its unique structure but also for the intangible values converged in this architectural feat. With the length of 666 meters (2,185 feet), the bridge features the shape of a dragon, which is a sacred symbol of Viet Nam as well as represents the prosperity of Da Nang city. The intriguing events take place here every weekend, which appeals to both local residents and tourists. The most breath-taking one is the pyrotechnic show held after 9 p.m with the performance in which the dragon will breathe fire in tandem with clouds of water. Besides, there are also the LED light shows every night, making the whole area colorful and dazzling.
Gradually, the Dragon Bridge becomes an iconic landmark of Da Nang and reserves a solid stance in the heart of Da Nang`s people. Furthermore, this dragon-shaped bridge also encapsulates the historical and cultural aspects of Vietnam. It depicts the dragon, which is the emblem of power, nobility and good fortune and commemorates the legend about King Ly Thai To, who moved the capital of Vietnam to Ha Noi and named it “Thang Long” (The Flying Dragon). At present, the Dragon Bridge is deemed to be a core element in the development of local tourism industry and attract more attention from the authority. To sum up, the Dragon Bridge is a fantastic and awe-inspiring destination that will burn the most frozen heart.

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